Neoprene Pavement Seals, Foam Tapes, Concrete and Kerb Cutting Machines, Texturing Machine

The company was formed in 1995 with an intention to expand on manufacturing activity to support its flag ship company Eff-Tech Marketing Services. The basic idea was to manufacture and supply reliable, high quality of material, machinery & equipments.

Equipments required for chemical coating were being manufactured. Water proofing chemicals & Grouting compounds were also formulated and manufactured under the same company. This led to diversification into import substitute products manufacturing. The company developed lot of products catering to various industries.

Construction -
Water Proofing
 Polymer based membrane coatings, anti corrosion coatings, polymer concretes,
 Automobile Steering bottom  FIAT
  & Refrigeration
Insulation Tubes  BLUE STAR & VOLTAS.
Jet Pump for Grove cleaning,
High volume air blower, Sealant Dispenser for two
part sealants, Seal dispensers for Neoprene seals, Concrete Cutting Blades,
Grout pumps for Cement / epoxy / P.U.
Concrete Repair Equipments.
 PQC Roads
 Construction PQC
 Back up Rods, Debonding Strips, Filler Boards,
  Sealants, Compressible Seals
 NHAI Projects

The company started manufacturing EPE products in 1999 for primary packaging of high value products & a modified version of this found lots of applications in Civil Engineering & Construction, which led to manufacturing of Filler Boards & Back up Rods for expansion joints. These products were designed & developed to over come all the short coming of bitumen impregnated boards & to support all types of hot & cold pour sealants. Further improvement led to replacement of Tar- Impregnated filler boards. These products are manufactured to international specifications, MOST & IRC. Today the company is the market leader supplying filler board & back up material to majority of NHAI & Airport projects.
In order to exploit the increased thrust given to NHAI projects, the company started designing and manufacturing Concrete Cutting Machines. The first machine was manufactured and used in Manhar (NH8- L&T) Toll Plaza project.

Today it has rolled out 112 machines (Semi-Automatic type) with highest manuarability & speed which are popularly used on almost all projects of NHAI. The company is also launching fully automatic machines in mid - 2005. The company has commissioned its own plant for manufacturing state of the art cutting blades for concrete.

Presently the company has developed Neoprene Compression seal for application on PQC. Bridge Expansions Joints are being developed.

This makes us a unique group of company in the world to offer complete solutions for joints.

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