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Concrete Cutting Machines, Asphalt Cutting Machine And Kerb Cutting Machines

  • Manual , semi-automatic & fully automatic machines are designed for highest speed & maneuverability.
  • Used for grooving of concrete pavements , Kerb cutting, PQC repairs - Full depth cutting & Asphalt cutting.
  • Power rating from 6 hp to 250 hp. Depth of cutting 0 to 700mm,fuel- Diesel / petrol / electric.
  • Various combination of cutting speed to depth ratios are designed& manufactured.

Concrete Cutting Machines
kerb cutting designed in 1996

Concrete Cutting Machines
kerb cutting designed in 1996

Concrete Cutting Machine
kerb cutting designed in 1996

Concrete Cutting Machines-1

Kerb Cutting Machine

Kerb Cutting Machines
Concrete cutting machines designed in 1996-1998

Kerb Cutting Machines1
Machine designed in 2002 on wards

Kerb Cutting Machines2
Machine designed in 2002 on wards

Latest fleet of machines manufactured & exported

Machine for 1000mm dia to cut 250mm depth in concrete

Asphalt cutting by specially designed asphalt cutting blades& machines

Machine for 2000 mm dia blade to cut 670mm depth of concrete.

Machine to cut 350mm depth of concrete with1200mm dia blade

For early cutting of green concrete use our machine & blades gives 4mtrs per minute speed at 100mm depth In green concrete.
In pursuit of continuous improvement, the technical contents are subject to change without any notice.
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